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Mammogram Debate – How do you know when to have a mammogram?

Former US President George W Bush gets a stent. Click link below for more information


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American Cancer Society – Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk
Kelly Heinz-Grundner Foundation –  Get Your Head in the Game Awareness Walk
We are Family Foundation
Father Obrien’s Angels Home Foundation
First State Mission



Mammogram Debate – How do you know when to have a mammogram?  
On November 16th the US Preventive Service Task Force (USPSTF) announced they are changing the guidelines for routine mammography to regular biennial (every two years) screening mammography for women aged 50 to 74 years; no longer recommending yearly screening mammography for women aged 40 – 49.  The task force agrees screening women in their 40s would reduce their risk of death from breast cancer by 15 percent, just as it does for women in their 50s. But because women in their 40s are at a lower risk for the disease than women aged 50 and above, the USPSTF feels the actual number of lives saved is not enough to recommend widespread screening.

As described in the American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Fact & Figures 2009-2010 Report,the death rate for breast cancer in women has decreased since 1990. The percentage decline was larger among younger age groups.  From 1990-2006, death rates decreased by 3.2% per year among women younger than 50, and by 2.0% per year among women 50 and older.  The decline in breast cancer mortality has been attributed to both improvements in breast cancer treatment and early detection.”

Otis Brawley, the chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, recently responded to the new recommendations with “Mammography is effective – mammograms work and women should continue get them. Seven clinical trials tell us that screening with mammography and clinical breast exam do reduce risk of breast cancer death. This test is beneficial in that it saves lives, but it is not perfect. It can miss cancers that need treatment, and in some cases find disease that does not need treatment. Understanding these limitations will help researchers develop better screening tests. The bottom line is that mammography has helped avert deaths from breast cancer, and we can make more progress against the disease if more women age 40 and older get an annual mammogram.” He went on to say that mammography “is one screening test I recommend unequivocally, and would recommend to any woman 40 and over, be she a patient, a stranger, or a family member.

DIA continues to support the American Cancer Society’s recommendation for mammography screening, which states women age 40 and older should receive annual mammography and women at high risk should consult with their physicians regarding when screening mammography should begin based on their family history.

For more information regarding this topic try these links:

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US Health and Human Services - http://www.hhs.gov/news/press/2009pres/11/20091118a.html

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Sponsorships and Charities

American Cancer Society – Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
Making Strides Against Breast CancerMaking Strides Against Breast Cancer is the American Cancer Society’s premier event to raise awareness and funds to fight breast cancer.  It is also an opportunity to honor breast cancer survivors and remember others who have lost the fight.  Again this year, Diagnostic Imaging is proud to be a flagship sponsor pledging a minimum of $15,000 towards breast cancer research.

DIA would like to extend our gratitude to all our staff members and patients that exceeded our expectations this year.  Together we raised more funds than ever before.  


To learn more about joining an event or making a donation online visit the Making Strides Website at:


Kelly Heinz-Grundner Foundation –  Get Your Head in the Game Awareness Walk  
Kelly Heinz-Grundner Foundation
Get Your Head in the Game Walk was created to educate both the public and medical professionals about brain tumors as well as help decrease the burden of health related costs related to the disease.  Brain tumors are the second leading cause of cancer related death in children.  Again this year Diagnostic Imaging Associates is honored to be a bronze sponsor supporting the cause.    


To learn more about the Kelly Heinz-Grundner Foundation visit their website at


We are Family Foundation
We are Family Foundation
The We are Family Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating and supporting programs that inspire and educate the next generation about respect, understanding and cultural diversity.  The Foundation also strives to solve global issues at the same time through global coalitions, international summits and building schools in high illiteracy rate countries.  

To learn more about the We are Family Foundation visit their website at


Father Obrien’s Angels Home Foundation – (more information, coming soon)


First State Mission – (more information, coming soon)


















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