Detailed CT images help diagnose medical conditions  that may not be seen with conventional x-rays. Computed Tomography (CT) with Metal Artifact Reduction for Orthopedic Implants

Metal implants, prosthetics and dental fillings may case severe artifacts in CT images exhibited as streaks, dark areas and overall obscuring data. The O-MAR software contains an algorithm to mitigate artifacts caused by metal objects, improving diagnostic

Frequently Asked Questions

What does O-MAR do?
How does O-MAR work?
Where can I get my CT scan?

What does O-MAR do?

  • Suppress Metal Artifacts
  • Reduce streaking
  • Visualize obscured anatomy
  • Improve diagnostic quality of images
  • Facilitate contouring of tumors/critical structures
  • Hardware for Position, sign of loosening
  • Position and status of the bony graft (if any)
  • The existence of immediate complications at the surgical site.  Example: Complications of abnormal collection (meningocele, hematoma, soft tissue abscess, etc.)
  • The appearance of the bony structure.
  • The 2/3-D reformations allow better and easier multi-planar visualization
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How does O-MAR work?
The O-Mar feature is embedded within the reconstruction system of the Brilliance 64-slice CT scanner. When selected based on patient history, the system will execute the O-MAR algorithm to process the raw data. Both the uncorrected conventional data set as well as the O-MAR processed images are stored with each scan providing the radiologist an easy comparison.

The O-MAR algorithm is an iterative loop where the output correction image is subtracted from the original input image. The resultant image becomes the new input image and the process repeats. The input image threshold is to create a metal only image. This image will be used to identify the projections within the sinogram data that have contributions for metal. If no large clusters of metal pixels are detected in the image, no further processing is performed. Thus O-MAR has no impact on non-metal images.

Although metal artifacts can not be totally eliminated for CT images, O-MAR significantly reduces their effect to enhance the diagnostic quality of the images.
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Where can I get my CT with O-MAR scan?
Diagnostic Imaging Associates offers CT scanning at the following locations: Brandywine, Omega. To schedule an appointment, please call our Central Scheduling Center at (302) 369-4342.
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