Preparation Instructions for Virtual Check-Up


Preparation Instructions

Cardiac scoring
Coronary CTA (click for more info)

No caffeine or smoking 4 hours before study.

Full body scanning

No caffeine or smoking 4 hours before study.

Lung Screening

No preparation.

Virtual Colonoscopy

Patients should pick-up a preparation kit from our office 2 days before their appointment. Although technology is moving toward digital tagging and removal of fecal matter within the colon, it is currently necessary to have a clean bowel for your virtual colonoscopy. A Fleet Prep Kit #1 containing oral laxatives, a suppository, and instructions for a 48-hour diet regimen will be given to you prior to your examination. It is essential that the instructions in the kit be followed exactly. Stray fecal matter or fluid within the colon could be falsely identified as a polyp or cancer. If the bowel is not sufficiently clean, your virtual colonoscopy will have to be rescheduled.

Additionally, you may be directed to include Tagitol-V™ with your preparation regimen. Click here to learn more.


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